It’s All in the Family

If the term ‘family style dinner’ has you recalling years of hiding vegetables that even the dog wouldn’t eat and playing ‘who can talk over who the loudest’, think again. This isn’t your average family dinner, it’s a modern take on an old tradition and it’s gaining momentum in the catering world as more and more couples are opting for an intimate and relaxed vibe at their wedding receptions.

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The benefits of serving family style (which means food is passed around the table from guest to guest instead of a buffet line or plated meal) are plenty. Not only does eating family style create a more intimate atmosphere, it also allows guests  the chance to really get to know each other. An added bonus that your guests are sure to appreciate is the disappearance of the dreaded buffet line.

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Some things to consider when deciding if a ‘Family Style Dinner’ is right for your reception:

  • Size of your table – if your using round tables  that fit 8 people apiece you may want to go with a 72” as opposed to a 60” to make room for the food and centerpieces
  • The style of your centerpieces – for ‘family style’ you may want to look into centerpieces that are narrow at the bottom so that food will be able to fit around the base
  • Think about the kind of serving utensils you’ll use with food that will be passed around – you don’t want them to be so heavy that they’ll fall out and land in your guests’ laps

To read one bride’s wedding story and how family style dining worked for her reception click here

No matter how you choose to cater your wedding remember that it’s not about how fancy or how low-key it is, it’s about celebrating the commitment you and your spouse have made to each other – with good food and good friends!


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