Chef’s Market’s Grilling Tips From Our Chef’s to Your Home!

With the kickoff to summer only days away, it seems like the perfect time to pass on a few expert grilling tips from our Chef’s at Chef’s Market! So, before you light the grill, buy the meat and start panicking about those pesky cicadas, read our tips and tricks for making any outdoor grilling experience way more delicious!

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Oil the grate prior to grilling – Use a paper towel and Canola Oil to wipe down the grate before your start cooking. Not only will this ensure that food doesn’t stick, but it will make your food taste better than if you use something from a can like pam.

Cut veggies into thick slices before grilling – Don’t let grilled peppers and onions slip through the grate while cooking! Cutting vegetables in thick slices will make cooking much easier!

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Lighting charcoal briquettes – Light briquettes with a paper towel soaked in Canola Oil rather than using lighter fluid. This will give the food better flavor and is a much safer alternative to pouring lighter fluid on the grill.

Check coals before cooking – Make sure your coals are either completely white or mostly white before grilling – This will ensure that the chemicals have cooked out and will provide your grill with maximum heat while in use.

Chef’s Quick and easy Corn on the Cob Recipe 

Roll corn in flavored butter. This can be done using herb butter/seasoning etc. Once coated in butter wrap corn in foil and place on top rack of grill. Place corn on the grill just before starting the meat, this will give the corn a nice roasted Smokey flavor!

We’d love to know what tips and tricks you use when grilling! Let us know in our comments section. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend everyone!


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