A Wedding Venue with Serious Southern Charm: Hazel Path Mansion

Hazel Path Mansion is the kind of historic wedding venue that will have a bride checking off huge pieces of her ‘to do list’ in one fell swoop. Whether you’re planning on an outdoor tented celebration post ceremony or a small intimate cocktail reception, Hazel Path will bring old southern charm and modern convenience to your entire day!

Photograph Courtesy of Bob Dulaney & Hazel Path

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to tour the house and grounds with Melody Wilkes of Grand Central Party Rental. Melody was beyond helpful and friendly showing me everything from top to bottom and giving me fun inside details, like the fact that the gorgeous chandeliers hanging in the foyer and front rooms are original to the house and were imported from Paris in the 1850’s. Amazing.

Photograph Courtesy of C. Scott Photography & Hazel Path

Hazel Path offers more than just beautiful lighting though :). The outside grounds are perfect for a large tented reception for up to 200 guests and the house is situated far enough away from a main road that you won’t have to worry about any noise interrupting your ceremony. Smaller parties of up to 125 can be held inside the mansion itself and there’s also a full kitchen that will make whichever caterer you choose very happy!

A HUGE plus to choosing Hazel Path as your venue is your freedom to use whatever caterer you want for your big day. Brides & grooms are not required to choose from a pre-selected list of caterers, which means you can plan a day and a menu that will truly reflect your tastes as a couple.

Hazel Path Mansion is located in Hendersonville, just 30 minutes from Nashville, so any out of town guests will have the chance to enjoy both the vibrancy of downtown city life and the sweet charm of an elegant southern wedding.

Photograph Courtesy of C. Scott Photography & Hazel Path

Check out more stunning photos of Hazel Path here or go to their website to contact them about your upcoming wedding!

A BIG thanks to Melody for showing me around. Trust me, this is a beautiful venue brides & grooms won’t want to miss out on!


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4 thoughts on “A Wedding Venue with Serious Southern Charm: Hazel Path Mansion

  1. Great post Genna. I had the pleasure catering at Hazelpath the weddings of Rochelle and Elizabeth, both daughters of the owners, Jim and Ellen Fuqua, Remarkable venue, even more remarkable family. Jim.

    1. So glad you came out to see the Mansion Genna and liked it. Jim, Chef’s Market is one of our very favorite places to eat. All my family has great memories of the wonderful food and catering service at both our weddings there. Thanks!

  2. We had the honor of photographing a wedding out at Hazel Path last summer and it was remarkable! From a photographer’s standpoint, every square inch of the property was photographic awesomeness. =)

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