Jet-setting, Trend-setting Salads

If you’ve been at our restaurant in the past month or so, you’ve seen our Global Greens salad features, and we hope they’ve taken you around the world a bit, as each of these four new salads are inspired by different countries. While we love any excuse to travel or to take our taste buds on a trip to shake off the winter blues, this salad menu also reflects several food trends for 2017 that we’ve seen budding, such as poke (pronounced po-kay), garbanzo beans, ancient grains and African cuisine.

Our Wish Fish salad has a Hawaiian flair, featuring poke over mixed greens with mango, fresh avocado, macadamia nuts and our signature sesame vinaigrette. The flavors are fresh and light, and we’d vote for this over a luau pig roast any day!

Wish Fish Salad

Showcasing both the chickpea/garbanzo bean craze and rejuvenated spotlight on African cuisine is our Marrakesh Express salad. For this salad, our Moroccan Harrissa Grilled Chicken and Chickpea Brown Rice Salad is served over romaine and garnished with puffed brown rice and a Harrisa-Tzatziki Vinaigrette. We love seeing the resurgence of African cuisine on menus across town, such as Marche’s Warm Chicken Tagine Salad or Cochon Butcher’s Moroccan Spiced Lamb.

Marrakesh Express Salad

Of course in addition to these new salad features, we still serve up lots of our oldies but goodies, like our five-grain salad, which highlights the ancient grains food trend with its combination of quinoa, brown rice, wild rice, bulger wheat and couscous.

These palate pleasers are on trend now, but we hope to see some of them move towards the staple category, as we continue to dream up new dishes to highlight them in!

_MG_9517ed (1).jpg
Marrakesh Express, Wish Fish, Thai Yum, Don’t Cry for Me

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