Edible Centerpieces: more than just looking good enough to eat

It’s time to go beyond flowers, foliage, candles and make your dining table look as amazing as it is delicious. Instead of gussying up the table with florals, we’re introducing edible centerpieces at some of our events, allowing your centerpiece to become both delicious and serviceable.

In our business, we’ve always seen food as art, so the possibilities when it comes to edible centerpieces are limitless. We were inspired recently with two different directions for these good-enough-to-eat centerpieces, which we’ve highlighted in these photos.

The first table showcases the Chinese style cuisine of dim sum, which is small, bite-sized portions of foods in small dishes and baskets. This globally inspired display was brought to life in summer hues of gold and white accents, along with wispy yellow and green fern fronds. Guests were invited to feast with more than just their eyes with the seafood eats ranging from octopus salad to shrimp cocktail to scallops.

Playing to our Southern roots, the second edible centerpiece we created is a Nashville-inspired that will have you planning for your next fall gathering. The autumn tones paired with fall foliage décor perfectly complemented the warmth of Southern classics such as shrimp and grits, individual petite charcuterie boards, pimento cheese canapés and more.

By utilizing vessels that guests can easily pick up and enjoy, we were able to nestle these among foliage as a way to complete the composition rather than forgo foliage entirely. You can get this same look at home by working small plates into your greenery or on trays that match your dining room or event theme.

We hope this will inspire your next centerpiece to be more than one that you can just eat with your eyes. It’s an interactive element that will certainly bring your table’s wow factor to life.


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