You’re in Luck with St. Patrick’s Day Specials

We know your company handbook probably forbids pinching, but just in case, Chef’s Market has everything you need to prevent this St. Patty’s Day office faux pas. March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, and you’re about to make your team the luckiest bunch this side of the rainbow with these fun St. Patrick’s Day specials.

If you thought Irish food was all potatoes, think again. Of course there are potatoes – some of the creamiest, most buttery, Irish-style mashed potatoes you’ve ever eaten along with a Corned Beef Wellington and Brussels Sprouts paired with our tasty butter rolls.

Or if you’re leaning to a more traditional, proper way to celebrate, consider our highly addictive Corned Beef made with a spicy brine that will knock your socks off. We serve it with tasty New Potatoes, Pearl Carrots, Creamed Spinach and a crusty soda bread.

For dessert, really charm your crew with one of our amazing Irish Creme Cakes or Shamrock Butter Cookies.


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